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Curb appeal

Update your home's curb appeal with pops of color that add a cheerful touch this time of year.


Get a Step Up with Railings
Chipped, tired railings can make a home look outdated and unkempt, but making those pieces look new again is a relatively quick and easy project. Keeping the railing monochromatic in a color that complements the rest of the house's paint and trim creates a clean look. If you want to add some variety, use a secondary shade in the same color family and apply it to the main posts or the spindles.

Create DIY Doormats
An affordable and unique way to create a "wow" moment at your home’s entry is to craft a DIY doormat with spray paint. A chevron pattern is an easy way to make a statement by simply using painter's tape and two different colors of spray paint.

Put the Spotlight on Light Fixtures
Small splashes of color can go a long way, especially with a feature like exterior light fixtures. For light fixtures to stand out against a neutral-colored home, try spray painting them a bold hue, such as bright yellow, for a burst of color.

Refresh Patio Furniture
Over time, patio furniture loses its luster. If it's still in good shape, you can bring it back to life with a fresh coat of spray paint. All the angles can make it difficult to cover every surface, so choose a product that promotes easy application. Remember to tilt furniture back and apply color to the feet and legs for an all-over finish that's ready to weather the season.

Makaha House

Nice home close to world famous Makaha beach. No maintenance fees. No association fees. Assumable VA mortgage at 3.75%. Tax records and actual room count do not match. Lots of room for the family. Perfect starter home as well as investment property. Both rooms at the back of the house have their own separate entries. Tenant occupied so showings by appointment only. Please use Showing Time at Schedule a Showing (beneath the picture) to request showings. Relax and check out the Virtual Tour by clicking on the movie reel icon below the picture.

To speak with us directly about this home or schedule a showing, call 808 358-9700


Listing Courtesy of Jackie Oldbury, Coldwell Banker Pacific Prop.

Monday's Listing Updates

Results for: Kapolei - 96707  - Active properties,  $500,000 to $800,000, 1+ Beds, 1+ Baths
3 br 2.01 ba 1152 sq ft Listing ID: 201824273

Listing courtesy of CENTURY 21 Homefinders of HI

3 br 2 ba 1148 sq ft Listing ID: 201821574

Listing courtesy of BHGRE Advantage Realty West

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This message was sent on behalf of Neaulani Kuamo'o-Peck (RA) RS 73536 CLS, CNAS at Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties. Some of the information in this email is copyrighted by the local Multiple Listing Service.

Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

5 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes

Check out these plants that naturally repel mosquitoes for your Kauai Home and anywhere else you may live.
Guest post by Rachael Baihn
Many homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor living space but don’t want to get eaten by mosquitoes while doing so. Bug repellents and bug zappers are effective but don’t keep those nasty bugs away from your outdoor living area. Check out these plants that naturally repel mosquitoes and other annoying bugs that keep you from using your outdoor space more often:
1. Lavender
This beautiful purple colored plant is a natural mosquito repellent with a wonderful fragrance. Lavender is a great addition to an outdoor space as it adds color as well as keeps bugs at bay. Its unique scent will keep insects and rabbits away and is very hardy. Lavender tends to spread out and can get quite large so make sure that you have enough space when planting this beauty. Lavender does well in warmer climates but can withstand a wide variety of environments as well.
2. Citronella Grass
This plant is a no brainer when it comes to its ability to keep mosquitoes at bay. Citronella is a commonly used ingredient in many natural mosquito repellents and this grass does well in doing just that. The lemon scent of Citronella Grass is incredibly good at repelling bugs and does well in planters. Place a few pots around an outdoor living space for ultimate protection against biting insects.
3. Catnip
As a variation of the mint family, catnip is very good at deterring insects. It is low maintenance and does well in planters as it has a tendency to creep into other areas of the garden. A recent study showed that catnip was actually much more effective than DEET and the natural repelling aspects are impressive. If you do decide to choose this mosquito repelling plant have a plan of action for neighborhood cats who may be attracted to your outdoor space as well!
4. Marigolds
This annual flower produces a scent that repels mosquitoes as well as other bugs such as whiteflies, aphids, and hornworms. Marigolds are an easy addition to an outdoor space as they do well in pots that can be spread out around a patio area or even placed directly on your outdoor table. They do well in borders or edging as well and should grow well all summer long.
5. Rosemary
As an easy to grow herb, Rosemary extracts a woody scented oil that repels both moths and mosquitoes. It does well in containers but can also thrive along borders or in garden beds as well. Rosemary has the ability to grow quite large so regular trimming is recommended. It does best in dry and arid environments but can withstand colder areas when placed in pots.
Enjoy the mosquito repelling qualities of this plant as well as snip off a few sprigs to use in summer cooking.
Take charge of your outdoor space and plant different varieties that will repel pesky mosquitoes the natural way. Choose a few favorites and see which plant does best in your outdoor space. Consider placing them close to the outdoor seating area for greatest impact on keeping the biting insects away from your outdoor space this summer.

Low-Water Plants

5 Low-Maintenance, Low-Water Plants for Your Garden

Whether you live in an area with very little rainfall, want a low-maintenance garden, or simply forget to water frequently, it is possible to add lush greenery to your garden with minimal water maintenance.

Below are five great drought tolerant plants to park in your yard.

Lavender. This popular purple plant grows quickly, tolerates heat and drought, and offers fragrant, beautiful blooms.

Agave. Not just a sweetener, agave plants have an interesting look, can go for weeks without water, and are even thought to be fire retardant. Place them around your patio for a pop of prickly color.

Bougainvillea. This bright, merry shrub is extremely hearty, and thrives in even the most dire conditions.

Verbena. This vibrant ground covering plant does well in high heat, and with little water. These plants bloom spring to fall, or year round in warmer areas, but they do need full sun. 

Sage. This aromatic herb does well with little water and loves the sunshine. Be wary, though; overwatering will quickly do sage in.

Home Improvements

Home Improvements with High ROI

If the ultimate goal of your home improvement project is aesthetic, the greatest benefit may come from your personal enjoyment of the new space. However, if you're looking to add true value to your home, it's important to consider which projects are likely to bring the greatest return on your investment.

Flooring speaks volumes about a home. Replacing and updating worn floors can instantly add value. A timeless selection like wood flooring, particularly in heavy traffic areas, is durable enough to withstand wear and complements a wide range of interior designs. If you already have wood floors that are in reasonably good condition, whether in use or under carpet, go ahead and refinish them for a budget-friendly alternative to installing new flooring. Another option that holds or even increases the value of your investment is tile, particularly in spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas.

Re-roofing a home gives it an instant value boost, but it's a job that needs to be repeated periodically. One longer-term and on-trend alternative to traditional roofing is metal. Performance is the big selling point for metal roofs, but not only does the roof itself increase the home's value, the safety benefits and peace of mind that come with knowing strong, fire-resistant metal roofs can last forever only add to the benefits. With a variety of styles available, you can find a metal roof to match nearly any home style.

Curb appeal often counts for a lot, whether it's for your own enjoyment or a potential future buyer. Enhancing your home's exterior can pay off handsomely when you add vegetation and hardscaping that improve the overall aesthetic. Keep in mind that more unconventional styles are better reserved for private spaces like the backyard; for the street view, stick to a motif with broad appeal to garner the strongest return on your investment.

An outdated entry point isn't just an eyesore; it can pose a security risk and even be the source of significant energy loss for your home. Replacing front doors and even garage doors can both bring a return on your investment and potentially start saving you money right away on heating and cooling costs. A new, properly installed entry door is likely to fit more snugly and allow for fewer air leaks. In addition, a heavier door and frame is more likely to stand up against forced entry.

It may not be glamorous, or even anything that you'll see on a regular basis, but many experts agree that upgrading your insulation is a sound investment. In addition to adding value in terms of comfort and reduced energy costs, it's an attractive selling point should you choose to list your home.

If you're still uncertain about the right investments for your home, it may be wise to consult a local real estate expert who can provide insight on the features that bring the most value in your market.

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Friday's Condos $300,000 to $600,000

Results for: Listing Alert  - Active properties,  $300,000 to $600,000, 1+ Beds, 1+ Baths
2 br 1.01 ba 716 sq ft Listing ID: 201827744

Listing courtesy of Help-U-Sell Honolulu Prop.

2 br 2 ba 874 sq ft Listing ID: 201825715

Listing courtesy of Century 21 Island Homes

2 br 2 ba 1009 sq ft Listing ID: 201827727

Listing courtesy of Reliance Realty LLC

3 br 3 ba 1526 sq ft Listing ID: 201827223

Listing courtesy of Century 21 Island Homes

3 br 2.01 ba 1393 sq ft Listing ID: 201825151

Listing courtesy of Coldwell Banker Pacific Prop.

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This message was sent on behalf of Neaulani Kuamo'o-Peck (RA) RS 73536 CLS, CNAS at Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties. Some of the information in this email is copyrighted by the local Multiple Listing Service.

Friday's Listing Updates

Results for: Kapolei - 96707  - Active properties,  $500,000 to $800,000, 1+ Beds, 1+ Baths
3 br 2 ba 1364 sq ft Listing ID: 201827626

Listing courtesy of Gold Coast Real Estate Inc.

3 br 2.01 ba 1347 sq ft Listing ID: 201827782

Listing courtesy of Coldwell Banker Pacific Prop.

3 br 1.01 ba 1260 sq ft Listing ID: 201827661

Listing courtesy of BHGRE Advantage Realty

3 br 2.01 ba 1543 sq ft Listing ID: 201827629

Listing courtesy of Hawaii Military Realty, Inc.

3 br 2 ba 1060 sq ft Listing ID: 201827730

Listing courtesy of BHGRE Advantage Realty

3 br 2 ba 1369 sq ft Listing ID: 201827784

Listing courtesy of Concepts Unlimited Inc

3 br 2 ba 1540 sq ft Listing ID: 201826857

Listing courtesy of Island Heritage Realty, Inc.

3 br 2.01 ba 1664 sq ft Listing ID: 201827694

Listing courtesy of Locations LLC

4 br 3 ba 1810 sq ft Listing ID: 201827096

Listing courtesy of RE/MAX Aloha Homes

3 br 2 ba 1520 sq ft Listing ID: 201827544

Listing courtesy of OahuRE.com

3 br 2.01 ba 1588 sq ft Listing ID: 201827425

Listing courtesy of Elite Pacific Properties, LLC

4 br 3 ba 1802 sq ft Listing ID: 201827733

Listing courtesy of Coldwell Banker Pacific Prop.

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This message was sent on behalf of Neaulani Kuamo'o-Peck (RA) RS 73536 CLS, CNAS at Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties. Some of the information in this email is copyrighted by the local Multiple Listing Service.

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